5 Easy Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Sinusitis

Posted by Admin on March 16, 2016

Natural Remedies for Sinusitis - Sinuses are small air pockets in the skull and they produce mucus to keep the nasal cavities clear from dust. Due to allergies or infection the tissues may become inflamed and swell causing air and mucus to trap inside and cause headaches and difficulty in breathing. This stage is called Sinusitis which is caused by inflammation and congestion of sinuses and nasal cavities.

Sinusitis results in severe discomfort and pain. But there are several tried and proven home remedies which help you get rid of sinusitis and heal quickly.


Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Sinusitis

Sinusitis can be either chronic or acute but they can be treated naturally with simple home remedies. Here are some of the easy natural remedies to get rid of sinusitis and its discomfort.

1. Inhale Steam Vapors

When you suffer from sinusitis, the first thing to try out is inhale/breathe-in steam vapors. It will help unblock the congestion in nasal passage and makes it easier to breathe. You can either use hot shower or some herbal steam for this purpose. Both ways it works. Also hydrating your surrounding air will treat the swell and congestion of sinuses. Using air humidifier will also help a lot.

2. Apply Warm Towels

Applying wet warm towels will unblock the congestion and relieve the pressure in your sinuses. To try this, dip a fluffy towel in warm water, squeeze and apply it but make sure it is not too hot or you may burn out the skin. This method will help you to relieve from the headaches caused by sinusitis.

3. Sleep in Elevated Posture

Sinusitis may cause breathing trouble during night’s sleep. This happens because lying down on bed with head and body at the same level will constrict the air passage and makes discomfort while breathing. Sleeping in elevated posture with head and shoulders propped up with pillows will help you to breathe easier. Moreover it also helps sinuses to drain fast and heal.

4. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is much essential for the sinuses to function properly and free of congestion. Drinking plenty of water will dilute congestion and drains out hence remove bacteria and viruses causing sinusitis. Avoid drinking soda and alcohol and stick to filtered water and natural juice like lemon or orange without sugar additives.

5. Clean Nasal Cavity

Cleaning the nasal cavity with salt water solution will help relieve pain and congestion caused by sinusitis. This method will get rid of sinusitis if the nasal congestion is heavy. Please don't try this method on your own. Consult your physician beforehand and follow the directions as said.

You can try any of the above natural remedies for sinusitis and get rid of sinusitis once and for all good.

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